If you’ve been “thinking” about letting your light shine, but you’ve been playing small, letting fear hold you back, or ignoring the spiritual gifts you know you have, now's your time to start SHINING, babe! 
Get 2 masterclasses and a year-long membership for just $111!!!
This bundle is valued at $3,000
Thanks to the Lightworker Bundle you’ll be able to:
  • Cultivate the courage, inspiration and momentum to fully start living your purpose
  • Finally start making the money and the impact you’re meant to
  • ​Navigate your ascension experience in an empowered way with tools, health hacks, and spiritual practices
  • ​Stop lone-wolfing, tribe up, and start getting the support to manifest living your life purpose & ignite your light
Supporting the efforts of MMIW USA
Part of the proceeds from the bundle sale will be donated to support Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA.

MMIW USA's number one mission is to bring the missing indigenous women home and help the families of the murdered cope and support them through the process of grief.
To learn more about MMIW USA, visit mmiwusa.org

Learn what it takes to make money with your spiritual gifts.

VALUE: $1,000

To support you with knowing that you’re not crazy, you’re just ascending. Come learn about what is the ascension, ascension symptoms and how to navigate through you own ascension, confidently with ease and grace

VALUE: $1,000

Learn how to hold reverence and honor the land and the ancestors and lead sacred, safe ceremonies with Lightworkers worldwide.

VALUE: $1,000

Client Love
When you purchase the bundle, you’ll have a chance to 
win a spot at my retreat in February 2023 
at Grand Villa Dripping Springs, Austin TX – valued at $3,333
So many of us lightworkers let fear win and our light stays dim, but people like us were made FOR this world– we’re here to change it. 

Together, we can gather with pure intent and open hearts to unlock potent energetic portals, amplify and manifest our prayers, and spread our light and medicine far and wide.

With Love & Light,
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