I am honored and blessed to welcome you to the fastest growing, most sacred community for Lightworkers in the world:
This is your invitation to join arms and hearts with the worldwide collective of light warriors, get the clarity on your soul mission, and support to create an abundant life serving this planet with your gifts.

If you know you’re a Lightworker but you’ve been hiding out in the shadows…

If you’ve felt like no one understands, everyone thinks (or says) you’re crazy and you have no support…

If you see the darkness all around you and you feel the spiritual warfare happening, you know you’re called to lead and raise the collective consciousness...but it all feels scary, risky, lonely and you probably feel nauseous just thinking about it…
Then I want to let you know that you are not alone. 

And that this moment, RIGHT NOW as you’re reading this:

In Lightworker Academy, we dive into understanding not just ourselves on a deeper level, but the world and Universe we live in. Basically, everything that we aren’t taught in the average school.

We unpack tools and provide you with the support, guidance, and inspiration required to help you stay in the light through this spiritual awakening and ascension, along with the balance required to stay connected to the divine source in such a way that you are available to do your part to impact this planet and be compensated for your service to humanity.
It can be really lonely when you’re doing it by yourself or the only one in your life that believes what you do.

From deep spiritual philosophies, surprise expert lightworkers, astrology, mantras, meditation, TO upgraded daily rituals, moon ceremonies and (best part) a squad of Lightworkers all on a similar path and intention -- to serve, heal & awaken the planet with our gifts, expanding our knowledge, compassion, confidence as we cheering on one another, and of course submerge ourselves in all things WUWU.

This is home. A safe space where NO ONE HAS ARRIVED. We are ALL EQUAL.

There is zero judgment & nothing is off-limits, too “crazy," or out there -- actually, that is our normal!!! 
The collective is ascending, and you are going through your own spiritual awakening because you are called to LEAD.
It's time to get geared up and prepared with the tools required to stay in the light as the 3D construct crumbles and A New Earth is birthed. 
Are you ready to step up?

Are you ready to not just talk about being a Lightworker, but actually be a Lightworker?
It’s more than just posting memes, meditating, playing with your angel cards, and burning sage...
Here's What Students Are Saying:
"I’m so thankful to be here. I’m so thankful to be calibrating my vibration to unconditional love at higher levels. I’m so thankful for this sacred space. Grateful to be letting the wounded self die so the divine being I am can shine. Being born again stronger, wiser, hotter and more powerful!"
Lily S. 
 "I love having a community to turn to. I have learned and grown so much since joining. I am the closest to my highest self I have ever been and I have a huge thank you for that to Amber Valdez and to all of you lightworkers going on this journey with me! I love that have people who understand and believe as I do and that will call me out on my shit if I need it!
Alyssa D.
My favorite part of Lightworker Academy is all of the people and the support!! It has made me feel as if I’m not alone anymore.
Afsheen S.
Never have I ever felt so activated, so powerful, so released in my entire life. That entire leadership call was so potent and raw. I went from uncontrollable yawning, to coughing, to burping, to bawling and crying, to pleasure and radiant JOY!
Alex B.
 I caught up on the reply of June Leadership Call with Shaman Durek! WOW!! I was vibrating and releasing the whole time. So inspiring, he gives with such authenticity and heart. I know of the royalty 'expectations and protocols' he's rising above with LOVE. Thank you Amber Valdez for your leadership in this group!! 
Iona R.
I love the connections & new knowledge I have learned in Lightworker Academy. I love how sometimes I have been triggered, but it has helped me expand my thinking. I also appreciate how Amber takes the time to connect with us here
andrea W.
It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and plant both feet firmly in the direction you feel led to go.

We are moving forward as a planet and we need YOU to join us! 

You are worthy and ready to experience the wisdom, support, inspiration and clarity that is required in order to powerfully pivot and serve during the birthing of the new Earth. 
I am Amber Valdez, former NFL Cheerleader, former reality TV Star turned now Life Purpose Cheerleader, and now I am being called forth to be THE JOAN OF ARC of Lightworkers.
It’s time for you to STEP FORWARD and stand with me arm-in-arm as we lead this charge, as the planet ascends, as the collective wakes up.

It’s up to US to pave the way -- leaders go first and Lightworkers go first. We march, we teach, we heal, we give and we support even as we ourselves are supported.
So it’s time for you to answer the call, step forward and get:
  • the training
  • the resources
  • the rituals
  • the practices
  • and the support form Lightworkers all around the world
As a student of Lightworker Academy, you get inside access to my personal team of trusted and powerful healers, spiritual mentors, shamans, mediums, card reads, Qigong master, teachers, and advisors. Each guest expert will support and empower you with tools and practices to ground your energy, maintain your vibration, shield yourself from all the darkness that will be thrown your way, and create a safe space for you to be fully supported along your journey.
Each month you will learn a new WuWu practice or tool such as; chants, mantras, sound healing, personalized meditations, shielding, grounding, breathwork, movement practices and so much more.
Ancient practices will support with your spiritual awakening, rebirth, clarity, letting go, grounding, protection, breakdowns, navigating through ascension symptoms and manifesting abundance. 
You will also receive education around the oil of the month and education around the crystal of the month so that you can implement these practices, along with the others you learn, to stabilize your energy and support you through the symptoms of your ascension (nausea, headaches, body aches, fatigue, soreness, flus and colds that seem to come out nowhere -- all of these are ascension symptoms and we’re going to support you through all of it).
Before working with Amber, I had a vision, didn’t know how to execute it. I was using a lot of really negative language. I didn’t believe in myself and my confidence was really low. Amber has shifted the way I think. The way I talk to myself. The confidence I have and just gave me so many ideas in marketing and really branding what I wanted to do.
Carly Mearman
Nutrition, Paleo & Fitness Coach - Atlanta, Georgia
I really can't recommend this gorgeous human being enough. She has really helped me to step into vulnerability, turn on my light, and start really being seen — and for a coach who’s afraid of being seen it really is impossible to attract all of the clients you’re wanting. Since stepping in it’s just really transformed my business in so many ways.
Ella Worsley
Empowerment Coach - New Zealand
There is no time to waste trying to figure this out on your own AND no excuse for ANY human to keep hiding out when the guidance and support to pivot into your soul’s true calling is here for you. 

I am honored to be arm-in-arm with you this lifetime and come together as the collective ascends and as the new earth is born. 
Monthly LIVE coaching and support calls from Amber and surprise guest experts.
You will receive a Monthly Coaching Call & Q&A Session with Amber plus surprise special guests! Learn from Amber as well as her mentors, teachers and spiritual advisors. Get access to her trusted team to guide you through your spiritual awakening!  Practices will include chants, mantras, sound healing, personalized meditations, shielding, grounding, breath work, movement practices, and so much more. These ancient practices will support with your spiritual awakening, rebirth, clarity, letting go, grounding, protection, breakdowns, navigating through ascension symptoms and manifesting abundance.
VALUE = $888
Vault of Guest Expert Masterclasses
Your own personal library full of  masterclasses by past guest expert shamans, healers, best-selling authors, and industry leaders who are 7-figure earners living their purpose and getting paid for their gifts. With unlimited access to these masterclasses you can deep dive into topics and learn at your own pace!
VALUE = $4000+
Education on how to work with the oil of the month.
You will be educated about my favorite plant medicine, essential oils. You will learn how to incorporate these ancient healing tools into your spiritual practice, emotional and physical support. 
VALUE = $397
Education on the crystal of the month.  
Each month we will select a new crystal. Get educated on how to effectively use these ancient stones for healing, manifesting, shielding and grounding. Now you can maximize how to best incorporate crystals into your daily rituals, healing, and life. 
VALUE = $397
A live oracle card reading of the month.
In our private Facebook group by me or a surprise guest mystic! 
VALUE = $297
A live monthly moon ceremony. 
In the private Facebook group. Whether full moon or new moon, I or a surprise guest will lead you through moon rituals to manifest or let go. 
VALUE = $497
Monthly themed spiritual practices & rituals. 
To support you through your ascension process, spiritual awakening manifesting, protecting, healing, grounding, manifesting abundance & much more. 
So you don’t have to do the math: That’s a $6,400+ value! 
$33.33 monthly!
Experts in the Vault include: 

Shaman Durek

6th Generation Shaman & Bestselling Author

Sahara Rose

Author, Speaker, &
 Podcast Host

Astarius Miraculii

Sound Wizard &
Ascension Ambassador

Mia Magick

Witch School Headmistress

Pagan George

Energy Healer &
Medical Intuitive

Cassandra Bodzak

Self-Help Author &
Transformational Speaker

Rev. Briana Lynn

Poetess, Podcast Host & Co-Founder of the Earth Temple

Lori Ann Lothian

Awakened Dreamer &
Lunatic Astrologer

Danielle Paige

Spiritual Teacher & 
Intuitive Astrologer

When I said no Lightworker will be left behind, I meant it. 

So I’ve made this the largest, most sacred AND MOST AFFORDABLE space for Lightworkers to grow, learn and be guided and supported as they journey through their own spiritual awakening and ascension.

Get into Lightworker Academy Monthly NOW for $33.33


Save 15% on your Monthly Membership when you sign up for the year at $333!

Here’s what the Industry’s Top Leaders are saying:
If you have the opportunity to work with Amber, please do yourself a favor and get in with her as soon as possible. She’s an extraordinary person who is constantly finding new ways to show up for people, to stand for people, and she’s one of those people who puts herself in the work. So she’s constantly fine-tuning her own instrument so she can serve in the highest capacity and truly help others transform their lives. So please — if you have the chance to work with Amber, make sure you take her up on it because she is an amazing human being that truly cares about all of her students and all of the amazing people in her life, and she will stand for you to be your best and highest self.
Alexi Panos
Author of “50 ways to YAY!” & “Now or Never” - Global Philanthropist
What Amber does is she goes to the emotional roots of that issue and she hits on it in a way where you cannot hide from yourself anymore, and not only that — she then acts as your cheerleader so you can get yourself going and address your fundamental unwillingness to move forward in your life at the root level so you take responsibility and you start rocking. And then she just builds this momentum behind you, she builds this positive energy vortex. She fully sees who we are and has acted as someone who is just like a stand for what’s possible, for what we can be and I just have so much appreciation and respect for Amber. The way she shows up, the results she generates with her clients, and after you’re watching, thinking about it, “I don’t know should I should I invest in some support for Amber,” — it’s a no-brainer. Do it. You’re going to take off..
Alexander Fairman
Empathic Leader of Men and Co-Founder of Next Level Coaches
I told you no one would be left out of left behind!!


Hiding in the shadows is no longer enough for you.
You are worthy of being seen, heard, and compensated for your gifts.

The planet is ascending, and ready to receive your gifts.

Talking about being a Lightworker is no longer enough.
If you’ve read this and it has resonated with you, 
Join me and Lightworkers from all around the world as we help raise the consciousness of the collective and guide the planet through the awakening.
What happens when I SIGN UP and Join Lightworker Academy?
You join a massive sacred tribe of Lightworkers from around the world who are stepping to the frontlines and leading the planet through this ascension! You will immediately get access to the private Facebook group where all of the trainings, resources and support will be delivered. We'll begin with a welcome exercise right away!
Who are these surprise guests I’ll be working with?
As a student of Lightworker Academy, you get inside access to my personal team of trusted and powerful healers, spiritual mentors, shamans, mediums, card reads, Qigong master, teachers, astrologists, numerologists, Akashi record readers, reiki masters, naturopathic doctors, mystics and more. Each guest expert will support and empower you with education, tools and practices to upgrade and prepare you on your Lightworker journey.
What happens if I miss a coaching session or training?
The guest experts, monthly card readings, oil and crystal of the month trainings will be hosted LIVE in the private Facebook group for you to catch live or on replay. The monthly live Lightworker coaching calls with Amber will take place on Zoom, the live video conferencing app. If you aren't able to make the coaching calls live, you will get access to the replay via a Youtube or Vimeo replay link.
Is there a payment plan available?
You can pay monthly for $33.33 OR save 15% off when you pay for the year!
What’s the refund policy for Lightworker Academy?
Got a question that hasn’t been answered here?
Reach out to lifepurposecheerleader.assist@gmail.com so my team can take care of you!
You matter, 
Your light matters,
AND Your purpose and contribution to humanity is required in order for this planet to ascend!
 Will you join us? The planet cannot ascend without you being all-in!


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