You're invited to quantum jump
onto your greatest timeline

Austin, Texas
February 10-12th, 2023

Join Amber Valdez
Spiritual Awakening Guide, Life Purpose Activator, Ceremonialist, and Business Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneurs on a retreat that will have you leaving...

feeling on fire
looking and feeling 10 years younger
walking back into your life
radiating with confidence, aligned with the clarity of what's next

so that you can
quantum leap into your highest timeline
as the leader you know you’re being called to be.

    During This Life Changing Activation You Will:
  • ​Unlock your voice so that you can speak your truth and feel great freedom
  • ​Release sacred rage so that you can take your power back from those who hurt you
  • ​Heal the witch wounds so that you can be seen fully & serve this planet with confidence
  • ​Own your spiritual gifts so that you can start doing your part to create Heaven on Earth
  • ​Get into physical alignment so you can be pure channel and embodiment of the divine
  • ​Work in partnership with the ancestors, your guides, and the divine in a deeper capacity
In just a few short days, you will leave with so much growth, expansion, and healing it will feel like you've been gone for months.

We stop time and open a portal that will accelerate and transform your mind, body, and spirit so that you can
connect with the divine
own your power
unlock your voice
and quantum leap in your greatest timeline
These retreats are pure magic & nothing
that you’ve ever experienced, guaranteed!
This Magical Experience Includes:
  • Private chef to prepare high vibrational nutritious vegan meals, snacks, and mocktails
  • Luxury Villa accommodations
  • The chance for your inner child to play & slumber party with fellow lightworkers
  • Morning movement practices such as hoop play, yoga & qigong
  • A sacred dance embodiment workshop with Adrianna Starfire that will support you in anchoring your light through physical alignment and breathwork to activate life force energy, and birth a new you
  • Vocal activation and Drum Circle
  • Sound bath healing with Hathor sound channel & Ceremonialist Tina Rodriguez
  • Earth, Water, & Fire ceremonies to heal, release, commune, and work with the Light, Land, Ancestors, and the Divine
  • This is the first time Amber's ever opened up her private retreat to those outside of her programs or masterminds. Spirit has told her to invite those called to ceremony in person to participate in this life-changing experience with her current and past students
  • This retreat is about energetic alignment not quantity, and will be kept at a maximum of 25 accordingly to ensure intimacy
  • Attire: Cozy, athletic clothes you can move freely in and something white for ceremony
  • Time: This retreat will begin at 6pm on the 10th of February, and will close at noon (12:00pm CST) on the 12th.
  • Location: A private residence located 30 minutes from Austin International Airport
  • Transportation: Once accepted, you will be placed in a group to coordinate carpool if desired or Uber

As seen in: 
This energy exchange includes:
villa accommodations, all vegan food, drinks and snacks, many ceremonies, surprise guest workshops, healings, yoga, qi gong, dance, vocal activation, breathwork, ritual materials, and epic gift bags.
FOR ONLY $2222!!!
(Payment Plans Available)
*Alumni Price : $1111 (excluding on-site accommodation)
It’s going to be lit!!! You don’t wanna miss it!
You acknowledge that you are aware that in no way is Life Purpose Coaching or Amber Valdez LLC's teachings to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed and any testimonials or case studies explaining results are not a guarantee that you will receive the same results. You enter in the mindset & manifestation with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.
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