Let Your Light Shine Live is a five-week coaching program to unlock your throat chakra, own your voice, and master the power of vulnerability on live video and IRL so that you become unstoppable and your dream tribe & future clients can find you.


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The world is at a crossroads and things will never be the same... 
This program is especially for Lightworkers who desire to turn their light all the way on, stop playing small, to play their part in creating the New Earth, to create the change they wish to see in the world, leave a powerful legacy, and reach as many people as possible but are struggling with the "how."

Regardless if you have a spiritual based business or you are in corporate... Whether you're a coach, or healer, or aspiring one or not...
 Or you just simply to release your people pleaser, feel happy, free, and learn to fully own your voice in all areas of your life... 
Your transformation and throat chakra activation is required for this world to change. 
“The great awakening is happening and the divide is unfolding during a time of great uncertainty. This means as Lightworkers, we can no longer stay silent, on the sidelines hiding our gifts, or continue to dim our light so others feel comfortable and the collective suffers.”  

 - Amber Valdez

We can no longer sit on the sidelines as the agenda unfolds, or hold back our voices at home or in the world.

It's time to do our part to create the change within so it reflects without. 
Now is the time to claim your sovereignty. 
Now is the time to use YOUR voice and speak YOUR truth. 
You can support humanity in the ascension. 
 You can be paid abundantly for your service to the divine.
You can execute your soul's mission & purpose.
You can create the change & impact you came here to make.
You can be a part of creating New Earth and 5-D consciousness. 
It’s time to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE LIVE so that you can…
  • Unlock your throat chakra so that you can create the change you want to see in your life and the world.
  • Gain the confidence to unapologetically be yourself so that you can feel free, reach those that need you and make an impact in your own unique way.
  • Harness your inner warrior so that you can be a catalyst for justice and change.
  • Turn your “mess” into your message so that you are no longer a hostage to your past or shame.
  • No longer waste money and time on ads, digital marketing, or feeling 'sales-y' so that you can build your impact and influence naturally and be paid to be you and do what you love. 
  • Attract your soul fam & dream clients so that you can help as many people as possible and be reunited with your tribe and stop doing life solo.
It’s time to learn how to fully OWN YOUR VOICE so you can...
  • Stand up to and speak out against any false narratives that are being put out into the world 
  • Speak your truth IRL and online without censoring 
  • Get your needs met at home and work 
  • Create the change & impact in the world
  • Inspire others to shine, stop playing small, stop dimming your light, be apart of the great awakening, feel 100% free and unapologetic, and so much more...
You are worthy of getting the inspiration, tools, and my proven recipe required to 
You do NOT want to miss this life changing upgrade and activation! 
"Amber Valdez is a serious miracle worker! I am elated at what this bootcamp created in my whole character! I began the course in extreme depression. After the course,  I am now THE MOST AUTHENTIC I've been in my online presence and in person. My purpose and gifts are are so clear! Who would've thought in 5 weeks I could shift years and lifetimes of baggage!s! It's my time to shine!! This course is totally worth it! 
Time to claim YOUR light!"

 - Delmar

Have you ever struggled with...

  • Holding back your truth out of fear.
  • Thinking that you’re going to mess up or even look stupid.
  • Second guessing if what you have to say is worthwhile.
  • Getting in your own head about not being “good enough.”
  • Worrying about how many likes and comments you’ll get.
  • Holding back because you’re afraid of trolls and bullies.

But what if it didn't have to be so hard?

  • What if you were NO LONGER AFRAID to speak up?
  • How much freedom would you feel if you knew how to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH vulnerably and authentically in real life and online?
  • What if you could EASILY CONNECT with your dream audience and ideal clients without marketing?
  • What if you had UNSHAKEABLE confidence in yourself, and clarity in your message?
  • What if you knew what to talk about and DIDN'T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF censor what you say, stress so hard about getting it "right" or perfect stopped worrying about being judged?
Playing the “what if” game isn’t so scary when you realize the incredibly powerful possibilities that lie within you. You can make this your reality in LYLSL.

If you don’t feel confident, ready, or qualified enough, you are not alone. 
Fear is a powerful feeling, but together, we can conquer that fear and create Heaven on Earth!

This program is for you:

If you don’t like the current state of the planet and consider yourself to be a lightworker, coach, way shower, leader, healer, energy worker, mystic, intuitive, medicine man/woman, or desire to be one this lifetime…

If you know you came on this planet to serve in a greater capacity, have medicine in your heart, information, inspiration, messages to share, or possess gifts that can help people…
Then it's time to...
Step up, step in, fully activate your voice, give your message wings, and maximize your presence and make your impact on the world now! 
Playing the “what if” game isn’t so scary when you realize the incredibly powerful possibilities that lie within you. You can make this your reality in LYLSL.
If you don’t feel confident, ready, or qualified enough, you are not alone.

In fact, most people - especially Lightworkers - who care so deeply about the world will often struggle to feel comfortable revealing their true authentic selves and tend to be afraid to share their gifts or unable to be themselves on camera.

And you wanna know why?

It’s because at some point in this lifetime or many others you lost your voice through past trauma, persecution or suppression...
THIS is the lifetime for you to breakthrough everything that’s holding you back from serving this planet and join those who broke through their fear of being judged, seen and persecuted and are now able to share their light with confidence and clarity in real life and online. 
It’s time to reclaim your sovereignty, own your voice, and shine you light bright so all those that need you can find you.
There’s never been a more safe time than now to shine your light on and offline.
Whether you’ve never gone live and are terrified of trying or have made lives and hated what you saw so much you wanted to delete the evidence immediately, I’m here for you!
We've all heard that social media is the most powerful tool available to share your message, find your tribe, and expand your reach and impact internationally... 

Yet most people - especially Lightworkers who care so deeply about the world - will often struggle to feel comfortable revealing their true authentic selves, and tend to be afraid to share their gifts, or are unable to be themselves IRL... much less online & on camera.

This is because after lifetimes of being called "crazy, witches, out there, woo-woo or too much," many lightworkers have blockages in their throat chakra from trauma in this lifetime and imprints in their DNA from many past lifetimes of persecution that prevent them from speaking their truth - which can make it terrifying to speak up & shine their light. 

The darkness is trying so hard to silence us again, but lightworkers know that light and love will always win.

That's why I created this program.

In Let Your Light Shine Live you will... 

Fully step into your power and activate your gifts.

Do the shadow work so that you can love all aspects of yourself.

Stop dimming your light so that others feel more comfortable. 

Turn your PAIN into your PURPOSE,

and your MESS into your MESSAGE!

If you consider yourself a Lightworker, 
you DO NOT want to miss this activation!

What you’ll learn...

How To Break Through Your Fear Of Live Stream

I’ll teach you how to work past your fear of being on camera, fear of “messing up,” fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, and fear of no one watching!

How To Let Go Of Your 
Self Doubt

I’ll guide you to stop questioning how you look, how you sound, or what to say when going live. No more doubting if what you have to say matters here. If it matters to you, it matters.

How To Shine
Your Light On Live Stream

I’ll show you how to stop censoring what you share and hiding who you are & what you’ve been through so that you’re empowered to just BE YOU!

How To Powerfully
Articulate Your Message

I’ll walk you through exactly how to hone in on what’s most important and impactful about the work that you do and express yourself clearly!

How to Step Into 
Your Power

I’ll teach you how to tap into your inner warrior and speak from a place of strength and love in real life and online.

How To Leverage Live
Streaming In Your Business

I’ll breakdown what’s happening behind the scenes of Facebook and Instagram and why LIVE VIDEO is currently the only way to get ahead online!


What you’ll learn...

How to Step Into 
Your Power

I’ll teach you how to tap into your inner warrior and speak from a place of strength and love in real life and online.

How To Break Through
Your Fear Of Live Stream

I’ll teach you how to work past your fear of being on camera, fear of “messing up”, fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, and fear of no one watching!

How To Let Go Of Your
Doubt In Yourself

I’ll guide you to stop questioning how you look, how you sound, or what to say when going live or in real life. No more doubting if what you have to say matters here

How To Shine
Your Light On Live Stream

I’ll show you how to stop censoring what you share and hiding who you are & what you’ve been through so that you’re empowered to just BE YOU!

How To Powerfully
Articulate Your Message

I’ll walk you through exactly how to hone in on what’s most important and impactful about the work that you do and express yourself, your message, and your offers clearly!

How To Leverage Live
Streaming In Your Business

I’ll breakdown what’s happening behind the scenes of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Clubhouse and why live video and audio are the only way to get ahead and draw in those to serve organically!


You'll get...

A support coach who graduated from the program to encourage you and make sure you stay committed! Your coach will cheer you on and support you as you navigate through everything that is coming up for you.

Value = $4444

Value = 

Access to our private Facebook group that will serve as a safe space to practice, be seen, be heard, “mess up”, and get loving feedback and support on your journey! Each week you will receive new growth work assignments that you will complete in this safe space and receive feedback, inspiration, and via the support from your coaches and pod group members.

Value = $3552

Value = 

5 weeks (10+ hours) of live virtual group coaching workshops via Zoom – Take calls from your phone or computer (even in your PJs). Receive inspiration, weekly growth work assignments, weekly topics, exercises, hot seat coaching, interactive lectures, training, and mentorship. 

Value = $8000

Value = 

Join arms and hearts with Lightworkers worldwide who are just as committed to being seen, being heard and shining bright, and making the impact on this planet.

Value = $4440

AMBER! Joan of Arc of lightworkers! Amber will inspire you, love on you, be the wind beneath your wings, call you up into your greatness and out of your BS! She will light that fire under your booty and be the loving stand that will help you live your best damn life, free with your throat chakra wide open! Amber's private monthly coaching is $3333 a month!

Value = $8000

We did the math so you don't have to...

Total value = $25,107++ 

You get all of this at a FRACTION of the cost!

+ Check out these epic FREE bonuses!

BONUS 1: FOUR LIVE MASTER CLASS SESSIONS with EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to COACHING from some of the industries top industries top spiritual leaders who have owned their light and are making massive impact with their gifts.

Marc Angelo Coppola

Farmer | Philanthropreneur: The Art of Storytelling and Creating Viral Content on Social Media

Monique Benabou

Artist | Sound Healer | Creative & Artistic Consultant & Coach: 
Vocal Activation

Adam Roa

Artist | Coach | Vocal Poet: 
Creating Viral Inspirational Content

Pagan George

Sound Wizard | Ascension Ambassador |  Reiki Master | Vocal-harmonic Healer

Daniel Duron

Sound Medicine Healing | Sound Wizard | Shamanic Mentor | Nahua Weather Worker 

Total value of this bonus = $4,444!

BONUS #2: You get access to our exclusive vault of past guest expert masterclasses that will serve as your personal library so you can watch and learn at your 
own pace, which include the industry's top multiple 7-figure earners with MASSIVE followings and MILLIONS of view.

Mia Magick

Witch School Headmistress: How to Own Your Woo-Woo and Create Loyal Community on YouTube

Jenna Phillips-Ballard

Master Coach | Leadership Trainer | Founder of ALA: How to Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose and Use Clubhouse to Build Authority

Sarah Pendrick

Founder of GirlTalk | Leader in Women's Empowerment: Owning your voice online being authentically you 

Natalie Ellis

Entrepreneur | Investor | Co-Founder of BossBabe

Niyc Pidgeon

Positive Psychologist | Best Selling Hay House Author | Success Coach

Pagan George

Sound Wizard | Ascension Ambassador | | Reiki Master | Vocal-harmonic Healer


Former MTV Host | Breakthrough Coach

Alexi Panos

Master Coach | Impact Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Mom of 3!

Desiree Lee

Best Selling Author | Speaker | Self-Publishing Expert

These masterclasses alone are worth $7,777+

These light workers shine bright as best selling authors, serial entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, philanthropists, own multiple companies, International speakers, coaches, BOSS BABES, and have mastered the gift of broadcasting authentically to massive audiences on podcasts, Facebook LIVE, Instagram LIVE, and Youtube.

NEVER BEFORE has this level of online influence come together to love on and share their secrets intimately and exclusively with our tribe!

The skills and awareness you'll learn from these experts are invaluable and will support you continually throughout your journey.

BONUS #3: You are going to get my Ascension Masterclass "You're Not Crazy You're Ascending" ​where you'll receive guidance and wisdom to empower your physical, mental, energetic, spiritual, & emotional bodies as you ascend into a new dimension and New Earth!

Total value = $888!

"WOW! These two souls BLEW MY MIND today! Thank you. SO grateful for this experience!"

"Thank you so much - everything was a take away, I took 5 pages of notes! Just so affirming of the recalibrating I’m experiencing! It was so amazing! Overall deeper and clearer understanding and deeper appreciation for this time and the work we are doing on this planet!"

Total Value of this program is $33,333++

Now is the time to learn to unleash the fears & blocks that have prevented you from fully stepping in this lifetime.

Now is the time to shine your light bright so that all those that need your light, your gifts, and inspiration can find you.

Now is the time to step into your power, unleash your inner warrior and lead from a place of love.

"Before working with Amber, I really struggled with my confidence. I constantly sought out others advice because I wanted approval. After working with Amber, I left the teaching job I’d been too scared to leave for TWO years. I started my own coaching business, I post on social media regularly without a second thought and even go live! I feel free, alive, and like I’m finally living for me!”

 - Aubrey



  • You think you’re confident at lives & being vulnerable, but still not converting clients or paid customers.
  • You’re un-coachable.
  • You’re not really interested in growing your following or helping humanity
  • You’re looking for overnight success without work.
  • You’re committed to comfort.
  • You want your past, pain, trauma to keep defining you so you can stay stuck in victim looping and consciousness.
  • You’re committed to playing small, staying stuck, and are a people pleaser who thinks they don’t matter and their voice doesn’t matter. 
  • You want to keep pretending you have it all figured out, you had the perfect childhood or you’ve already done enough work. 
  • You want to stay in the woo-woo spiritual closet and keep making excuses why now is not the time to invest in yourself to learn how to own your voice and shine your light.
  • You’re not ready to let that shit go, feel free and empowered so you can shine like the lighthouse you are once and for all! 

No judgement on your journey, love - I  just can't help ya!


Let Your Light Shine Live was made JUST FOR YOU if…

  • You’re a current or aspiring coach, lightworker or healer looking to make a difference.
  • You want to step out and into your full truth online and in real life.
  • You don’t have a ton of money to spend on marketing yourself or your biz.
  • You don’t know what to talk about or if what you have to say matters.
  • You feel you aren’t good or qualified enough to live your purpose.
  • You worry about how you look, how you sound, etc.
  • You want to care more about the difference that you’re making than what people will say.
  • You see others go live and shine brightly on & offline, and wish that could be you.

Spoiler Alert: Yes, that COULD be you! But don't just take it from me...

Here's what students are saying: 

I am not a coach. I work in corporate America, and who I am after this bootcamp is a person who recognized my strength, who got to own my voice, who got to share my story, who got to heal like so deeply. I was an actress and I had a theater degree before I switched to business... so I could perform, but what I couldn't do is I couldn't show up as myself and that's a very different thing. By the end of bootcamp I could show up on live and be seen and be comfortable with that and I never had that before.

 - Alicia Spinozzi 

I took Amber’s bootcamp, and it absolutely changed my life. It also 10x’d my business, and I now feel more confident doing live videos than I ever thought possible. The investment that I made within Amber’s bootcamp and with her coaching has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in my life. If anyone is looking to better their life, better their business, and make a difference in this world, I highly recommend being one of Amber’s clients. You will not be sorry.

- Trentamous Briggs

Before Let Your Light Shine Live I was deep in my victim. I was a people pleaser. I thought I was too much. So I kept myself small for other people's comfort. Through this program I learned that my vulnerability is my greatest strength. Through the container I learned the power of leaning into community. And after LYLSL, I went through a really dark phase of my life and instead of lone-wolfing it I leaned into community and I wouldn't have done that without Let Your Light Shine Live. So I highly recommend it. It was a really personal evolution for me. It wasn't for my business. So if you're not trying to be a coach just do it for the personal growth. It's totally worth it.

- Rajni  Lakha 



I had been trying to build my business for three years. Three -- years guys, and I was so miserable! Today I am leading ceremonies, leading meditations, working in my communitydoing sessions, doing readings, coaching, all the things. This is available to you too through doing the work. was that person who since I've been 15 read all the books and listened to all the podcasts... everything to avoid actually doing the work. On the other side of that perfectionism, on the other side of the good girl, there is a queen. There is a warrior. There's a goddess. There is a priestess who is ready to take responsibility. And I know that that is available to every single one of you and I hope that you will accept this invitation because it's the invitation that can change your whole world.

- Kayla Minkler




Current or aspiring coach or spiritual entrepreneur, this message is for you:

If you don’t master the art of going live and utilizing social media authentically, it’s going to cost you $$$.

If you are a current or aspiring coach or spiritual entrepreneur and have yet to master the art of shining at maximum capacity, fully showing up on social, news flash——it’s going to cost you unnecessary time, energy, frustration & $$$ and worse because all those that need you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND YOU...

The spiritual entrepreneurs that haven’t mastered how to show up vulnerably, authentically, and consistently, on social media will be wasting WAY MORE on ads, website design, and marketing “tricks” to reach their people (and I guarantee NONE of that stuff is proven to get results anyway and honestly just isn’t necessary to find your tribe or clients). 

Think of it this way:

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. (According to Brightcove) 

That’s because only 7% of your communication comes from the actual words you say! The rest is HOW bright your light shines, how authentic, relatable, and vulnerable you show up. THAT'S why I created this program. 

I am the industry leader and go-to for lightworkers who want to build successful spiritual biz and impact organically. I have ten years of TV hosting experience along with my proven results of spending zero dollars on marketing and through the power of live video, I went from 700- 10,000 followers overnight. I am blessed to have made over 7 figures shining my light bright and showing lightworkers how to do the same.  


What happens when I sign up for LYLSL?

As soon as you sign up, head on over to your inbox where you’ll receive a thank you email along with a welcome email so you have everything you need to start off strong before the October 6th!

Who are the other coaches I'll be working with?

Our coaches are all qualified alumni of Let Your Light Shine Live who have created POWERFUL results in their own businesses after completing this program.

These are REAL coaches, healers, lightworkers, and entrepreneurs who have all RECENTLY been through the struggles you’re experiencing and are ready to guide you on this journey.

They’re living proof that you don’t have to have any professional experience in performing or presenting to 10X your biz and manifest freakin’ miracles!

What if I miss a zoom call or training?

If you can’t make it to any of our LIVE zoom calls and expert masterclasses during the 5 weeks, you can always access the materials via the replay links that will be posted after the calls.  Past graduates have been in every time zone from Australia to Hong Kong. Although we would love to have you attend live, it is not a requirement to achieve maximum result from this course as most of your work happens outside of the calls in the execution of your video assignments. All videos will be deleted after the course ends.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there are payment plans availble

What is the refund policy of LYLSL?

Got a question that hasn't been answered yet? Reach out to my team at contact@ambervaldez.com

But first, I have a few questions for you...
How would your life change if you...
  • We’re no longer afraid to speak your truth?
  • Had unshakeable confidence in yourself and your gifts?
  • Knew how to BE YOURSELF in all areas of your life AND on camera?
  • Stopped dimming your light to make others feel more comfortable?
  • ​Could easily connect with your DREAM clients?
  • ​Opened your throat chakra and were able to articulate your feelings, offers, & message with absolute EASE?
Lightworker, it’s time to unlock your voice, step up and create the new earth you want to see. 
We can no longer stand on the sidelines,
watching the world go to sh*t. 
You have to power to change timelines, serve and make a difference. Souls are waiting for your help. 
We need your light, we need your voice NOW!
More about Amber...
Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality, NFL Cheerleader turned best selling author, intuitive spiritual business coach, live video expert and spiritual awakening guide for the last 8 years.

Her unique gift is to activate the voices & purpose of millions of lightworkers and help them create impact, change & build successful businesses that serve the light! 

Amber guides spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide in coming out of the spiritual closet and making the pivot from their 9-5 jobs into living their souls assignment and being paid abundantly for their gifts. 

Through her online programs, mastermind, masterclasses, international retreats, Amber has helped thousands of people activate their throat chakras, heal trauma through shadow work, quit jobs, manifest soul mates, remember who they are, own their worth, claim their sovereignty, explore and deepen their spiritual practices & connection to the divine, and learn to shine bright so all those that need them can find them!
Using the very same tools she will teach you, Amber has:
  • Authored a #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • ​Coached thousands of people and built an almost 7 figure international coaching biz
  • Created a global audience and social media following
  • ​Acquired worldwide speaking opportunities, sponsorship and co-coaching opportunities
  • ​Established a loyal, supportive squad of light workers, star seeds, healers and coaches from all over the world
  • ​Curated international retreats, masterminds, many online programs and workshops, and a worldwide membership community
  • ​Collaborated and cultivated relationships with the industry's top Spiritual Leaders, Self-Development Teachers, Authors, Podcasters, Youtubers & Influencers
  • ​Sold out ALL of her online programs to date
  • ​Fully fundraised two trips to build clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa with EPIC: THE MOVEMENT
  • ​Been featured on several podcasts worldwide
  • ​Activated her spiritual Gifts and owned her spiritual boss babe and medicine woman
  • ​Overcame her victim consciousness, forgave herself and healed her past
  • ​Utilized the “feel fear and do it anyway” mentality
  • ​Made powerful choices from alignment to her Soul & Spirit versus ego
  • ​Re-wired the matrix “gotta work hard for your money” lie and started doing less and making more


You acknowledge that you are aware that in no way is Life Purpose Coaching or Amber Valdez LLC's teachings to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed and any testimonials or case studies explaining results are not a guarantee that you will receive the same results. You enter in the mindset & manifestation with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.

How much longer do you want to hide from your soul assignment?

When is a good time to start living your purpose?

What would it mean to CONNECT without stress or second-guessing?

Trust that there are no coincidences you’re here on this page - it’s confirmation that your angels, guides and spirit are waiving the flag - it’s go time!
It’s time to get off that pedestal, out of the spiritual closet, do the inner work that will unlock your throat chakra, so you can speak your truth, own your light, and live the life you came here to while shining bright! 

You matter, you’re worthy & your light matters!

Let’s get busy shining bright because the world needs your medicine & your light now!
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