Feeling the shift?

You're Not "Crazy" You're Ascending 

April 21
5pm PT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET (USA)

April 22
10am AEST  (AUS)

Join this potent LIVE Masterclass with Amber Valdez to demystify the ascension process and understand what the EFF is actually happening so you can ride the shifting energies confidently with ease and grace.

Dear rising Lightworker...

Can you feel it?
Our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies are transitioning from 3D to 5D consciousness...

We are being called to ignite our light, come forward as a collective force, and heal this planet by uniting as ONE.

It's no longer enough to be working from the 3rd-dimensional realms.

We are being called to act from beyond the cerebral parts of our brains that are based purely on logic...

We are being called to lead with our hearts.

It's time.
If you've been attuning to the shifting energies and experiencing symptoms out of nowhere like...
  • Excessive fatigue, migraines, vertigo, insomnia, loss of appetite, rash, or heart palpitations...
  • Increased sensitivity to environments and others, crazy dreams, ringing in the ears, a desire to hide out from the world, or seeing the same number patterns everywhere such as 1111, 2222, 4444...
  • Feeling like a stranger in your life, friendships, relationships or career, and no longer inspired by your current circumstances...​
Then let me be the first to tell you...
You are NOT going crazy. You are ascending.
No matter what stage of your ascension journey you are on, trust that the tools you will receive here are exactly what your soul needs. 
"Thank you  so much - everything was a take away, I took 5 pages of notes! Already looking up the water filtration! Just so affirming of the recalibrating I’m experiencing! It was so amazing! Overall deeper and clearer understanding and deeper appreciation for this time and the work we are doing on this planet! Love you!"

 - Jen

“Amber has completely changed my life and sense of self! Through Amber's coaching and constant support, I have FINALLY released my self doubt and opened my heart to my spiritual gifts and a brighter future. Amber has allowed me to speak my truth and become the empowered woman I always knew I was meant to be deep in my heart. "

 - Afsheen

Hey, I'm Amber!

And trust me... I get it.
I've been there, and I know just how difficult it can be.

Because on one hand, everything you thought you believed and wanted makes NO sense anymore...

But on the other hand, everything starts to make the most perfect sense...

And so you start to feel like you're totally f*cking crazy!

Ascension, and all the change, decisions, and symptoms that come with it are NOT easy.

In fact, it can be scary, confusing, and paralyzing AF... especially if you've tried to share your reality with those you love who just don't get it or you have no one to talk to and are doing it alone.

That's why I created the Ascension Masterclass.

I want you to feel confident in knowing what the ascension process is really all about, and be deeply supported as you recalibrate to this new frequency.

This Masterclass is a culmination of years of my personal research and ascension experiences and learnings, along with ALL the tools, practices, hacks, and wisdom I pay forward to support my clients (and now you, Lightworker!).

I am committed to teaching you how to best navigate your ascension journey so that you can be empowered during this recalibration and start focusing your life force energy on LIVING your divine purpose and doing your part to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Because here's the thing...

Activating your light body and awakening to who you truly are is ESSENTIAL before you can find the key to fully unlock your spiritual gifts and get paid abundantly for your soul's own divine assignment.

In this potent LIVE Masterclass experience, I will guide you to finally let go of the resistance that's keeping you rooted in the 3D frequency and open your heart to begin to live life in heart-based consciousness.

In this 90-minute LIVE Ascension Masterclass, you will:

  • Learn about the "light body" and how it's affected during the various stages of the ascension journey
  • Identify ascension symptoms and discover tools, health hacks, and spiritual practices to navigate your ascension experience in an empowered way
  • Understand how to support your physical, mental, energetic, spiritual, and emotional bodies as you ascend into the New Earth
  • Receive education on how to protect yourself from EMF and 5G radiation which compromises your health and prolonged ascension
  • Connect with your long lost soul family of lightworkers worldwide who are riding the ascension waves alongside you

When lightworkers gather with pure intent and open hearts in sacred circle something magical happens... Potent energetic portals open, healings occur, prayers are magnified, miracles happen and dreams are activated. 

If you don’t like the current state of the planet and consider yourself to be a lightworker, coach, way shower, leader, healer, energy worker, mystic, intuitive, medicine man/woman...

If you feel like life is getting harder the more you see and you're having a hard time managing your sovereignty, energy, or like you've pushed yourself too hard and you want to get re-aligned with Spirit and free yourself from everything that's holding you back...

If you know you came on this planet to serve in a greater capacity, have medicine on your heart, information, inspiration, messages to share, or possess gifts that can help people…

This LIVE Ascension Masterclass will support you with cultivating the knowledge, courage, inspiration, and momentum required to embrace your ascension so that you can start living your purpose and do your part to co-create Heaven on Earth.

"WOW! Amber you BLEW MY MIND today! Thank you. SO grateful for this experience!"

- Melissa

The 3D days of lone-wolfing and taking ages to manifest are behind us - in the New Earth (5th dimension), lightworkers have the ability to jump timelines and speed up our manifestations.

When we gather and unify our light with the purest intent, we can create a world and reality where our individual and collective desires can manifest at lightning speed.
You decide, Lightworker.

Will 2022 be the year you stop lone-wolfing, tribe up, and start getting the support to manifest living your life purpose and ignite your light?
If you call yourself a Lightworker, now is the time to prepare yourself for what's to come and cultivate the frequency required to ascend so you can execute your mission and get paid abundantly for your gifts.

You are incarnated to do your part to create Heaven on Earth. You are worthy of making the impact, business, relationships, abundance, and life you dream of.

But part of the ascension journey is to remember that you aren't meant to execute this mission by yourself. There is nothing Lightworkers can't co-create when they invest in support, commit to being a student for life, and join arms to ignite their light together!

With this Masterclass, you don't have to walk the sacred initiation of the ascension alone for one more day.

This is your moment to choose to learn how to ascend confidently so that you can step into your reason for gracing this planet and change our world!

Being able to stay grounded, healthy and in the light at this time is needed, now more than ever!

Amber’s Story

After ten years of on-camera TV experience, Amber dove into self-development and learned to love herself and own her worth. She finally made the shift into living her true purpose as a life coach and YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader.

It wasn’t until Amber turned her “mess” into her message, and her pain into her power that she was able to connect deeply with viewers on live stream. When she did, she went from 700 to 10,000 followers overnight.

Since then, her business, her tribe, her love life, has sky rocketed and her influence, success, and impact has reached heights she could never have imagined!

The same spiritual tools, practices and mindset rewiring Amber did to create the life of her dreams she teaches in this Activate Your Purpose Challenge.

Using the very tools you’ll learn too, Amber has:
  • Authored a #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • ​Coached thousands of people and built an almost 7 figure international coaching biz
  • Created a global audience and social media following
  • ​Acquired worldwide speaking opportunities, sponsorship and co-coaching opportunities
  • ​Established a loyal, supportive squad of light workers, star seeds, healers and coaches from all over the world
  • ​Curated international retreats, masterminds, many online programs and workshops, and a worldwide membership community
  • ​Collaborated and cultivated relationships with the industry's top Spiritual Leaders, Self-Development Teachers, Authors, Podcasters, Youtubers & Influencers
  • ​Sold out ALL of her online programs to date
  • ​Fully fundraised two trips to build clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa with EPIC: THE MOVEMENT
  • ​Been featured on several podcasts worldwide
  • ​Activated her Spiritual Gifts and owned her Spiritual Boss babe and Medicine woman
  • ​Overcame her victim consciousness, forgave herself and healed her past
  • ​Manifested her Soul Mate/ divine complement
  • ​Utilized the “feel fear and do it anyway” mentality
  • ​Made powerful choices from alignment to her Soul & Spirit versus ego
  • ​Re-wired the matrix “gotta work hard for your money” lie and started doing less and making more
If Amber can create all of that from her practices, reprograming her old beliefs and creating new epic habits to shine on live video, you can too! 
More About Amber...
Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality, NFL Cheerleader turned best selling Author, intuitive spiritual business coach, live video expert and spiritual awakening guide for the last 8 years.

Her unique gift is to activate the voices & purpose of millions of lightworkers and help them create impact, change & build successful businesses that serve the light! 

Amber guides spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide in coming out of the spiritual closet and making the pivot from their 9-5 jobs into living their souls assignment and being paid abundantly for their gifts. 

Through her online programs, Mastermind, masterclasses, International retreats, Amber has helped thousands of people activate their throat chakras, heal trauma through shadow work, quit jobs, manifest soul mates, activate their abundance codes, remember who they are, own their worth, claim their sovereignty & explore and deepen their spiritual practices and connection to the divine and learn to shine bright so all those that need them can find them!

Ready to activate your light body and ascend with confidence, tribe, tools, and grace?

There's no time to waste, so snag your spot to join hearts with your lightworker family now!
Space is limited and this Masterclass will sell out.

You acknowledge that you are aware that in no way is Life Purpose Coaching or Amber Valdez LLC's teachings to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed and any testimonials or case studies explaining results are not a guarantee that you will receive the same results. You enter in the mindset & manifestation with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.