2021 Timeline Collapse & Cord Cutting Workbook

A free digital or printable workbook for lightworkers to reflect upon what worked and didn't in 2021 to provide you with awareness around areas of focus and intentions for 2022.
“Amber has completely changed my life and sense of self! Through Amber's coaching and constant support, I have FINALLY released my self doubt and opened my heart to my spiritual gifts and a brighter future. Amber has allowed me to speak my truth and become the empowered woman I always knew I was meant to be deep in my heart. "

 - Afsheen

Amber’s Story

After ten years of on-camera TV experience, Amber dove into self-development and learned to love herself and own her worth. She finally made the shift into living her true purpose as a life coach and YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader.

It wasn’t until Amber turned her “mess” into her message, and her pain into her power that she was able to connect deeply with viewers on live stream. When she did, she went from 700 to 10,000 followers overnight.

Since then, her business, her tribe, her love life, has sky rocketed and her influence, success, and impact has reached heights she could never have imagined!

The same spiritual tools, practices and mindset rewiring Amber did to create the life of her dreams she teaches in this Activate Your Purpose Challenge.

Using the very tools you’ll learn too, Amber has:
  • Authored a #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • ​Coached thousands of people and built an almost 7 figure international coaching biz
  • Created a global audience and social media following
  • ​Acquired worldwide speaking opportunities, sponsorship and co-coaching opportunities
  • ​Established a loyal, supportive squad of light workers, star seeds, healers and coaches from all over the world
  • ​Curated international retreats, masterminds, many online programs and workshops, and a worldwide membership community
  • ​Collaborated and cultivated relationships with the industry's top Spiritual Leaders, Self-Development Teachers, Authors, Podcasters, Youtubers & Influencers
  • ​Sold out ALL of her online programs to date
  • ​Fully fundraised two trips to build clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa with EPIC: THE MOVEMENT
  • ​Been featured on several podcasts worldwide
  • ​Activated her Spiritual Gifts and owned her Spiritual Boss babe and Medicine woman
  • ​Overcame her victim consciousness, forgave herself and healed her past
  • ​Manifested her Soul Mate/ divine complement
  • ​Utilized the “feel fear and do it anyway” mentality
  • ​Made powerful choices from alignment to her Soul & Spirit versus ego
  • ​Re-wired the matrix “gotta work hard for your money” lie and started doing less and making more
If Amber can create all of that from her practices, reprograming her old beliefs and creating new epic habits to shine on live video, you can too! 
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