In-Demand Ceremony Membership In The World
 For Seekers, Lightworkers, Healers and Star Seeds! 
At a time when spirituality has never been more trendy, with much false light on the planet, it's important that we are safe and energetically responsible while in ceremony and practicing rituals. 

 It's never been more imperative that we ensure our circles are protected and we are working in partnership with the Divine and benevolent beings of the light. 

Ceremonies can be conducted solo, but when we learn to gather in circle together in a good, honorable, safe way with integrity and reverence for the land and Ancestors, we allow potent energetic portals to open and close safely. 

Healings and miracles can occur more rapidly when our prayers are witnessed in community from pure intent, in a circle of light.

Just see what our students love 
about our ceremonies...

👉 you desire to participate in ceremony and rituals in a safe, honorable, good way alongside community

👉 you want to deepen your connection and learn to work in partnership to Spirit, your Ancestors, the Divine and your Guides

👉 you came to this planet to serve the light in a greater way with your spiritual gifts and being part of this community, will empower you with the confidence to spread your wings and offer your medicine far and wide

👉 you feel called to do rituals and ceremonies with the Divine during the full moon, new moon and sacred holy-days, but desire guidance with how to do it with integrity, reverence and safety. 

👉 you desire to learn how to open and close portals and conduct safe rituals so that you can ensure you are doing them with benevolent beings of pure intent and the light

👉 you desire to sit in ceremony and ritual alongside like-minded soul family so that you can magnify one another's prayers and intentions so that you don't have to conduct ceremony alone 

👉 you desire to access spiritual and ceremonial tools at a discounted rate 

👉 you desire to be invited to exclusive invite-only in-person ceremonies with Amber and some of the industry's top spiritual guides and elders

🌟 LIVE monthly virtual ceremonies
 hosted by Amber, an Elder or a guest spiritual mentor 

🌟 Collective prayer, meditation, astrology or education in traditions or origins, portal protocol on how-to grid, cleanse the space and properly open and close ceremony
During the moon ceremonies you will learn how-to:
🌟Conduct different full or new moon rituals and journal prompts that will support you in manifesting 
or letting go every month 
(a minimum of 12 ceremonies a year!) 

🌟LIVE Oracle card readings - by me or card deck authors! 

🌟Sound bath, drum medicine or light language transmission
from Amber or a sound medicine practitioner

🌟 Access to first dibs on exclusive programs and invites to private retreats and member discounts on ceremonial and spiritual tools 
such as candles, smudge tools, journals and more! 


Yep that’s right…just one no-brainer energy exchange of $111 allows you to join us in ceremony for an entire year! 

All ceremonies will be recorded on Zoom and available on replay in our members area, if you are unable to attend LIVE.



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More About Amber Valdez...
Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality, NFL Cheerleader turned best selling Author, intuitive spiritual business coach, ceremonialist, and spiritual awakening guide for the last 8 years.

Her unique gift is to activate the voices & purpose of millions of lightworkers and help them create impact, change & build successful businesses that serve the light! 

Amber guides aspiring coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide in coming out of the spiritual closet and pivot from their 9-5 jobs into living their souls assignment and being paid abundantly for their gifts. 

Through her online programs, Mastermind, masterclasses, International retreats, Amber has helped thousands of people, of all genders, races, religions worldwide from all walks of life to activate their throat chakras, heal trauma through shadow work, quit jobs, manifest soul mates, activate their abundance codes, remember who they are, own their worth, claim their sovereignty & explore and deepen their spiritual practices and connection to the divine and learn to sit in ceremony with reverence and honour so that they can shine bright and be a part of co-creating heaven on earth. 

Dear one, 

You incarnated to do your part to co-create heaven on earth. You matter, you are worthy of shining your light bright, living your purpose, making an impact, having a thriving business, supportive relationships and community, experiencing abundance, and living the life you've dreamed of.

👉 And the truth is, you aren’t meant to do this mission, manifest it or sit in ceremony alone. And there is nothing lightworkers can't co-create and manifest when they gather in sacred circle in a good, honoring and safe way with reverence to the land and our ancestors. 

If you desire to make 2023 the year that you deepen your connection to ceremony, rituals, the Divine, your unseen team of spirit guides,  the Ancestors, the Land and community....

Then, there's no time to waste, claim your space to sit in sacred circle, to join arms and hearts with me, and your worldwide family of light every month!

You acknowledge that you are aware that in no way is Life Purpose Coaching or Amber Valdez LLC's teachings to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed and any testimonials or case studies explaining results are not a guarantee that you will receive the same results. You enter in the mindset & manifestation with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.
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